Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Knit a Hat - Ruth Sørensen

Knit a Hat - designed by Ruth Sørensen

Hats, knitted in stranded knitting with multicoloured yarn.
For the hats I used Kauni effect yarn, As an introduction to knit with multicoloured yarn, I have designed some hats, which I hope will show the idea and possibilities of the yarn.
For these designs I have used Kauni effect yarn, but you can as well use other yarn of similar thickness (needle size 3 – 3½mm)e.g. Evilla Art yarn or if you want solid colours Shetland 2-ply yarn. - Ruth Sørensen

This great pattern contains all the information to knit the above hats plus has a section on how to design your own hat. It's a wonderful pattern full of pictures and graphs
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Monday, March 10, 2008

Claudia - Evilla Skirt - Ruth Sorensen

Claudia - Evilla Skirt - designed by Ruth Sorensen
Knit with Kauni Yarn

The upper part of the skirt, around the hips, is knitted in ribbed knitting and the lower part in
an eyelet pattern. The skirt is knit using 2 balls of the same yarn colour and every 2nd row change yarn to make the stripe of colour wide enough. The pattern is written in size 80cm/ 32"- 120 cm /48" for hip measurements. The skirt is 60cm/24" long
3 and 3.5mm circular needles
180 gr - 260 gr of Kauni yarn - you may want more if you want to make the skirt longer.

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Kauni Christmas Stocking

Designed by Shelley Mackie - Fun Knits
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I used EM and EK to knit this stocking. This would
look great using EQ only also and picking your colors from the long repeats.

The pattern takes only 55gr of EM (red) and 50 gr EK

Knit with 3 mm and 3.5mm needles

This stocking is 32cm (14”)
from the top to the heel and 24cm (9”) from the heel to the toe.

Autumn Leaves Cardigan


Designed by Ruth Sorensen

The cardigan is knitted in
Kauni Effect Yarn.

PDF Download - $8.00

The Rainbow Kit is the sweater version on the left, Lake Kit the sweater
shown on the right. Other combinations of yarn that would work well are Fall
with EP as the leaves and EK as the
background or Denim with ES as the background and
EK as the leaves. Other ideas are Red EQ and EM, or Water
EQ and EZ.

All of these combinations of colours are available at Fun Knits

Kauni Jacket Pattern

This pattern was designed by Mary Tanti

This Jacket is knit with EG and EJ Kauni
yarn. The pattern comes in one size 45" finished chest. An experienced knitter
could upsize or down size this pattern
. Directions are given in the pattern.

You will need 480 grams of yarn 240 of each colour. It would look wonderful in other colour combinations as well.

Jacket for Kauni Yarn - $8.00 PDF Download